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Economics is our real problem, a counter argument goes, not race, sex, gender, citizenship.

Laws have been written to oppress and exploit particular identities—Native Americans, Black Americans, Asians, homosexuals, transgender, and women—in a successful effort to maintain a system of White supremacy. Yet, members of these communities have worked for the rights and equality of everyone. In turn, White allies have joined in these anti-racism fights. The self-described anti-capitalist, anti-racist, anti-fascist group challenges working-class White people to stand against White supremacy.

There are about 40 chapters nationwide. He explained why the group Rednecks bunch sex on anti-racism rather than economics even though it seeks out white working-class and poor people in economically struggling Rednecks bunch sex areas. The interview has been condensed and lightly edited. What is the significance of the name Redneck Revolt? Why did the name change from the John Brown Gun Club?

We have some Rednecks bunch sex that are still the John Brown Gun Club. Our national network is Redneck Revolt. Redneck Revolt chapters like ours in Michigan here primarily focus on outreach, and winning hearts and minds, counter recruitment, showing up, being present, being allies, being where we need to be to show our community support. Whereas, John Brown Gun Club pretty much only deals with the firearm aspect of things.

It deals with a lot of tactical training, a lot of information security-type stuff.

A really great example would be back in June. The ACT for America folks did an anti-sharia law march. Redneck Revolt was there. We were on one side of the barricades along with a slew of other leftist organizations.

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On the other Rednecks bunch sex of the barricades were Proud Boys, Vanguard America, and a hodgepodge of other alt-right groups. But one of the most prominent was the Michigan Liberty Militia, which is famously racist and famously exclusionary. Toward the end of the demonstration, this one older gentleman—he was an older White man up at the barricade with all the gear on, and armed—had his rifle.

Nobody here wants to mix state Rednecks bunch sex religion, nobody is protesting that. This protest is against Muslims.

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We fought a war about this. I thought we were all in unanimous agreement that Nazis are bad. You know I may not agree with everything you say. One of the things I find fascinating about Redneck Revolt is that your primary focus is organizing working-class Whites, yet you center race and anti-racism in the work that you do.

We believe law enforcement is an extension of the old slave catchers. We Rednecks bunch sex to great lengths to dismantle that system and empower people to help us do that, but at the same time using the spaces that we have access to, to get other people to see that.

And I believe that a lot of people we speak to may generally not be racist in a conventional Rednecks bunch sex.

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So, in order to address capitalism, in order to address economics, the Rednecks bunch sex of systemic racism first has to be addressed. For an example, I was talking to a gentleman the other day. They have Black History Month, where we do nothing but celebrate Black history. Blacks have their own channel. People would be up in arms if we had a White Entertainment Television.

Secondly, we do celebrate White holidays: Not to mention our entire society is [tilted toward] celebrating Whiteness. What I try to tell people is, Look at your ancestors. Most White people can point to a single village. I can point to a single village in Sweden. I know exactly where my people are from. Whereas with Black folks—and other people of color, but especially Black folks—the reason they celebrate Rednecks bunch sex culture is because their culture, everything Blacks had, was ripped away from them when they were taken from Africa.

And, obviously, the topic of privilege comes up, and most White folks will deny that they have White privilege. But the fact that he was able to do that, and given that opportunity, I can promise you that postwar United States, a Black man applying to that same position definitely would not have gotten it.

We get a lot of reactionary questions, and it keeps us on our toes. But it makes our practice better. What we try to explain is that Black communities have their own set of problems just as other communities have their set of problems.

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The difference is White communities have the support of the state. For example, [when] a Black family moves into a primarily White neighborhood, then the housing values tend to go down. The state intervenes and then makes the price of housing so high that then that Black family has to leave.

And given the same circumstances with a young Black man, that most certainly would not have happened. Even if Rednecks bunch sex are poor, which a lot are. But there are systems in place to make sure that I succeed. There are systems in place that make sure that my Black counterpart does not. Until we as White folks can recognize collectively that we are benefitting from a system Rednecks bunch sex oppression, then economics is secondary, or tertiary at best.

There is no point in talking about economics when the only people affected by these economics are White people. Rednecks bunch sex you may not align yourselves with the status quo parties of Democrat or Republican, your actions and principles are very much political. How do you describe your politics? I mean, we have people from all political stripes. But the best thing that we can do short of a revolution is revolutionary change.

We believe that revolutionary change comes in the form of dismantling the system of White supremacy that exists. Part of it is dismantling White supremacy. Another part of it is creating spaces inside of communities [where we can] help people not rely on the state.

We help to create and encourage radical spaces that encourage things like mutual aid and direct action, as opposed to relying on the state for whatever means. They have a soup Rednecks bunch sex in Detroit where they distribute food and clothes every second and fourth Sunday in Cass Park. There are a lot of us, including myself, who have military experience.

We also understand that that puts people of color at a very high risk.

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So we try to put ourselves at the tip of the spear, so that way we can teach people the knowledge that we have. We can show them safe operation of firearms. How to use them, how to safely handle them. In [one community], there are a bunch of Hammerskins [a White supremacist group].

Economics is our real problem,...

The big point is building mutual aid, radical spaces inside of existing communities to not have to rely on the state, and while doing that trying to dismantle the system of White supremacy.

Was the Trump campaign for the presidency the catalyst for Redneck Revolt? You can be any [ideology] you want. The major Rednecks bunch sex is getting them to come out of their bubble of comfort.

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We look Rednecks bunch sex our grandfathers, great-grandfathers, and great-great-grandfathers and understand why they were called rednecks. If you like the weekends, thank a union man.

You like your hour work week, you like that there are no kids slaving in textile factories, thank a union worker. It was working-class people out fighting in the streets. This article was first published in YES! Rednecks bunch sex you have any queries about republishing please contact us. Please check individual images for licensing details. Close Close Please type and press enter Submit.

Share this Share on Twitter. Get our weekly email Enter your email address. Yes, we get that a lot. What is the end goal of Redneck Revolt? We think that by doing that, one kind of complements the other.

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