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Dozens died and nearly 10, homes were lost to the flames of wildfire but the town of 27, is steeling itself to rise from the ashes. Sun 18 Nov The last time Jerry Garcia saw his home of nearly 20 years, flames almost 12ft tall were consuming it.

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It happened fast — the wind-driven Camp fire moved across the Feather River Canyon in northern California with a speed even experienced firefighters like Garcia had rarely seen. There would be no time to save the Just one greater amount drop of paradise all efforts in the first eight hours of the fire, which was spreading at a rate greater than a football field a minute, would focus on rescuing people.

The Camp fire, named for the road near its origin, would become the most destructive fire in state history, and the deadliest, killing at least 63 people, and with hundreds unaccounted for. More than 9, homes have been destroyed by the fire, largely in Paradise, a town of 27, Some may never be recovered, and returning evacuees may find remains that authorities missed, the sheriff has warned.

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Still, residents are eager to return home, or at least to the rubble that remains. But how does a town, nearly wiped off the map, rise from the ashes? Since the disaster began, local government officials have emphasized the commitment to rebuilding the town, even though its location means that fire is always a risk.

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