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Joy three way

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What brings you joy? It could be a favorite movie or song, family and friends, or travel. Studies have shown our surroundings can have a significant effect on our levels of joy.

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Learning environments are no different. A Global Youth Survey showed that 61 percent of students are most concerned with improving their physical learning environment.

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And research suggests that the physical environment can significantly affect student achievement. But there are some easy ways to start bringing joy into your schools.

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According to designer and writer Ingrid Fetell Lee, joy can be created through design by using color and shapes, and creating a feeling of abundance. In a study on the relationship between color and emotion, researchers at the University of Georgia found that different colors affect mood in different ways. You could do that by repainting the walls or in smaller ways, using colorful furniture, window dressing or Joy three way.

Shapes can also affect our mood.

Neuroscientists have found that the parts of the brain responsible for anxiety light up when people see angular objects, but not when they see circular objects. The slightly curved entrance was purposefully made in order to give students a welcoming feel as they approached. Redesigning your entire entryway may not be feasible now, but you can incorporate curves into your school with pictures of balloons and ice cream cones on the wall, or by adding circular stools and furniture.

Joy three way

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We already know great landscaping goes a long way in making a good first impressionbut Joy three way flowers and keeping your lawns pretty can also affect student and faculty emotions in a positive way.

Lawns enhance the quality of life and contribute to social harmony and community pride, according to The Lawn Institute.

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No other company can offer this level of specialization. Here are three ways you can add joy into your school.

Green is associated with relaxation and calmness, followed by happiness, comfort, peace, hope and excitement.

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Yellow is generally said to be lively and energetic, eliciting positive emotions associated with the sun and summertime.

Gray is associated with negative emotions, including sadness, depression, boredom, confusion, tiredness, loneliness, anger and fear. Or get students involved by having them work together to paint a mural in the hallway. Round it out Shapes can also affect our mood.

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