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How will royal babys birth be announced

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Prince William and Kate are due to announce the name of their third child imminently, after which they will formally register the birth of their son.

It's likely that the Duke will sign the birth register entry on behalf of himself and his wife, as he did with Prince George and Princess Charlotte. When George was born on 22 JulyWilliam and Kate waited 11 days before registering his birth on 2 August. In contrast, they registered Charlotte's birth just three days after the Princess was born on 2 May While parents in the UK legally have 42 days to officially register a child's birth, William and Kate are expected to register their son's arrival this week, judging by how long it took them for George and Charlotte.

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The new Prince's name, surname and title will be included in the birth certificate, alongside his place of birth. William and Kate's occupations — Prince and Princess of the United Kingdom respectively — will also be listed, as will their place of birth; Paddington for the Duke and Reading for the Duchess.

Princess Charlotte's birth was registered three days after she was born.

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But unlike most parents, William and Kate will not have to wait in line at the register office. A registrar will travel to Kensington Palace where the birth registry will be signed in the comfort of their home.

After George was born, Ms Cathcart said at the time: Westminster City Council registered the birth of the Queen and Prince Charles and Princes William and Harry, so it's great to see that tradition continue. Why Prince Charles hasn't met the royal baby yet.

William and Kate will announce the baby's name soon. William and Kate welcomed their third child on Monday 23 April, and returned home to Kensington Palace just seven hours after the birth.