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First I put on something sexy, then I get them a little drunk, then I turn the music low. You know, your usual good investigative journalism tactics. Talk about a full plate! Part of getting ready for the TCA means watching a lot of pilots to see what might be of interest.

At least Boris is pretty to look at! The wildly clever titled drama Chase is about a team that tracks down fugitives while Jimmy Smits stars in Outlaw which is about a former Supreme Court justice who starts his own law firm.

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The network is also offering cop drama Detroit that kept me asking when Southland is coming back. Here is hoping Martha finally has something that hits big.

Well, it was more like the H storyline. Anyone else get the feeling the network is burying the show? While the guys never actually kiss each other, the choreography is very sensual, is meant to imply sex and the guys frequently carress each other. I think if Kylie were to perform it on Jimmy Fallon or even Jimmy Kimmelthe choreography would be fine.

The largest number of comments to any one article in terms of generating comments as opposed to page views was my interview with Russell T Davies right after Children of Earth aired and Ianto Jones died.

That interview clocked in with close to comments. As you can see, Torchwood inspires a lot of commentary around these parts.

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Other topics about which our readers have a lot to say include the soap opera One Life to Live. When Oliver and Kyle finally got busythe liveblog pulled in comments and when we posted the news that Oliver and Kyle were going to be toastfolks posted nearly angry comments in response.

What else gets people talking? As for topics that generated an unexpected number of comments, that happens all the time. Just this past week in fact. On Saturday, I posted the movie The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Greenand there are currently close to seventy comments on it as folks wound up discussing what was up today with the actors Hawian hunk hot tease and play. We honestly never know what topic will spark a conversation or what direction it will go.

However, we have never posted an article that failed to generate the anticipated interest. Never had an article bomb. Finally, since the topic of Torchwood came up, I wanted to address some of the comments made about what John Barrowman said in the interview.

Specifically, the "get over it" comment. For the record, I agree with John. Move Hawian hunk hot tease and play David Geffen!

There is a new gay power mogul in Hollywood! Plus, Preston deserves Ryan and Barney Frank needs to loosen up!

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Get your Asshat here! Or go here instead ….

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But meet critic Andrea Peyserwho is so far out there, I can only assume she always carries her own oxygen.

At one point in her rant, Peyser claims that KAARwhich she calls "the most self-righteously moralistic movie to hit the big screen since Forrest Gump ," presents men as Hawian hunk hot tease and play figures while women, "especially neurotic, lesbian mommies who drive Volvos, watch gay male porn go figure! Peyser practicing for her future as a deranged cat lady with no friends.

So we have one guy who did something really stupid once and another guy who repeatedly gets drunk and spews hatred at pretty much every minority group, and they are the moral equivalent of each other.

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The LDS was part of the opposition to gay marriage being legalized in Argentina. Just a coinkydink then? Click here now and...

Meanwhile, over in North America in the "black is white, up is down" category, NOM is currently on a 23 city tour attacking same-sex marriage rights, but it turns out that, no, they are actually the ones under attack because GLBT protesters have showed up to counter demonstrate. Check out this unintentionally hilarious video showing the horrible things being done to the few NOM supporters showing up at the Hawian hunk hot tease and play t he tour is reportedly a bomb.

As promised, I finally have all the hot men from Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philipines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam that our readers kindly suggested for our supplementary Hot posts. Your assignment for next week — should you choose to accept — is to find hot men from Western Europe including France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein, Austria, and Italy.

So no Jo Weils! As I mentioned last week, just like our sister site AfterEllen.

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But here is a sneak peek at what it will look like! Change is always freaky — hey, we have to relearn how to upload content!

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One recurring comment I read had to do with making our forums more active Hawian hunk hot tease and play folks had some suggestions as to how to do that. Please do keep in mind, while we will try to look at everything you suggest, we only have so much manpower and have limits on what we can do. But for a limited time only! More Hot Asian Men! Logo and all related marks and designs are trademarks of Viacom International Inc.

Always the AfterElton bridesmaid and never the bride! But I love how he speaks his mind. Ooh, you two have some serious chemistry!

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And not in the fun way…. Creepy, mysterious ruler in a black cloak. I once drove a nail through my finger just like Michael did this week!

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Only I drove myself to the hospital. Hey, I thought high school was supposed to be better for gay kids.

Nothing personal Ragan, but when does The Amazing Race come back again? Any odds on their making it a year? To the next episode?

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For Xmas, buy Barney a kit to extract stick from ass. Dude needs to relax!

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Ugh, you and Ryan totally deserve each other. I, however, do not deserve having to watch you. Totally forgot to include Bender last week as our straight ally of the week! Okay, he was fighting for robosexual message, but still. sexy hunk nick harper in first JO video top fucker has no one to play with gorgeous muscular european hunk jerks his cock Hot footballer made to cum.

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