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Variations in the physical and chemical characteristics of the water in a series of depressions in some Dominated pt 1 salt marshes were studied. The quantity of water entering the system, and the associated energy, seems to be the determining factor in the physical and chemical characterization of the water.

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The first four axes of the principal components analysis There is a high degree of subterranean circulation and its importance becomes clear in the level of nutrient accumulation which depends on the capacity of the nutrients to circulate through the aquifer.

These basins tend to accumulate phosphorus, which is not able to pass through the sediment and, at the same time, tend to lose nitrogen, whose inorganic forms circulate through the aquifer more freely. The Dominated pt 1 of phosphorus accumulated conditions the degree of eutrophy of the basins.

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On the other hand, production is related to the external supply of nitrogen which circulates or the ease with which it is lost by Dominated pt 1 and denitrification. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford.

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Close mobile search navigation Article navigation. Nutrient and plankton dynamics in a Mediterranean salt marsh dominated by incidents of flooding. Differential confinement of nutrients Xavier D.