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This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. Karl and Maria Subban raised five children, two daughters and three sons.

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Taz excelled at basketball while Tasha studied to become a visual artist. The Subban boys have all been drafted and signed by NHL teams. It was a Friday night and I had the hockey bag open on the living room floor.

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I was taking out the hockey equipment — some of it new, some of it used — donated to P. He was sitting on the couch, barely able to contain his excitement.

It was the night before his first hockey game ever, with the Flames in the Chris Tonks Arena house league program. I had no idea what I was doing. When I took all the crazy-looking pieces out of the bag for the dry run, it was like putting together a puzzle without the picture on the box. I was lost, and, unfortunately, YouTube tutorials had yet to be invented.

The garter belt mystified me completely, and the straps for the shoulder pads were another problem. I got part of the puzzle solved that night and the rest of it the next morning at the arena where I could steal a glance at how it was done in the dressing room.

For the first few games, I got P. It was like learning to drive a car: I was nervous at first, but I got the hang of it and soon enough it became second nature. Not only was P. On that first house league team, P. At 4 years old, P.

A key component of the success our daughters and sons have experienced was the value we placed on practice. Practice mattered more to me than games. I realize now that one of the best gifts I gave our daughters, Taz and Tasha, and our sons, P.

The next year, we took P. The year he turned 5, he was on the 6-year-old all-star team.

That year, the team scored 21 goals, and P. A lot of people questioned his age. He was big and looked bigger because I always bought him equipment he could grow into and that his brothers would later inherit.

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Daddy masseur gives joy to his juvenile customer When he was 6, we took him out of house league and brought him to the West Mall Lightning, a select team. He was playing with the Super 8s, the all-star team for 8-year-olds. The seed of my sons playing hockey was planted when I was a teenager in Sudbury. It started with watching Hockey Night in Canada and skating together as a family. The children were not forced to watch hockey.

With me cheering or yelling at the TV, he would run over, jump on me or sit beside me, yelling or screaming at the television like he knew what was going on. The kids became fans of the game because my wife Maria and I were fans of the game. Hockey injected fun, joy and laughter into our family life. So by the time P. Learning to skate is perhaps the most important ingredient in becoming a good hockey player.

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