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Submarine plow

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Log In Sign Up. China Offshore Oil Engineering Co. The plow of the submarine plowing trencher is one of on the sea and improving the operational efficiency.

The the main functional mechanisms, and its optimization is very Submarine plow method for plow body generally is referenced to that of important.

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The design parameters play a very significant role in land surface Submarine plow. Due to the complexity of the design determining the requirements of the towing force of a vessel. A process, many different moldboard plow modeling methods multi-objective genetic algorithm based on analytical models of the plow surface has been examined and applied in efforts to obtain are empirical.

In Submarine plow field of agricultural plow body design, optimal design of the plow.

For a specific soil condition, the draft there are horizontal contour line methods, curved line force and moldboard surface area which are the key parameters in methods, soil turning curved line methods, Submarine plow so on. Submarine plow of these methods is based on the Spline curve and two surface angles of the main cutting blade of the plow. Bialek used this method to describe Parameters such as the moldboard side angle of deviation, the bi-cubic equation of the plow surface by defining seven moldboard lift angle, angular variation of the tangent line, and the design angles.

Amid the development of science and spanning length are Submarine plow analyzed with respect to the force of the technology, reverse engineering is generally applied to the moldboard surface along soil flow direction. Results show that the optimized plow has an improved plow performance.

The plow of the submarine...

The draft plow surface optimization; also modern computer techniques forces of the main cutting blade and the moldboard are The standard surface in order to optimize its design further. Spline and Bezier functions, and inspection functions to Keywords: Qin surface optimized design; multi-objective genetic algorithm; et al.

Burying the submarine pipeline below the seabed plays an However, these modeling methods do not combine the important role in preventing damages from human error and mathematical equations of the plow Submarine plow with the load other factors, such as fishing activities, thermal effects and condition.

During Submarine plow cutting, lifting and inversion process, external movement of pipeline.

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Submarine plowing trencher the plow surface contacts with the Submarine plow and soil cutting force is is a special equipment designed for making deep trench on the determined by the towing speed and the design parameters seabed by a multi-support vessel which tows it forward while which are related to soil mechanical properties, such as soil laying submarine pipeline Brown et al.

When analyzing the The four for the working surface, it allows for more effectively plow parameters were optimized to get the minimum force reducing the energy consumption of the multi-support vessel through the lab experiments. The speed and depth are Province No.

According to the mathematical modeling methods for the plow surface and the numerical method for the draft force of the submarine plowing trencher, this paper presents the design optimization of the main cutting blade and Submarine plow using the area and draft force of the former and the latter as the Submarine plow functions respectively based on the genetic algorithm.

In addition, the smoothing performance of the optimized plow body surface is verified by calculating the standard deviation of Gaussian curvature. The structural design parameters of the plow surface have very significant influence on the draft force as the speed and the depth of the trench increase Gong et al.

Therefore, calculation Submarine plow optimization of the draft force is a key factor for improving the performance and reliability of the plow body. It contains the main cutting blade and moldboard. The main cutting blade is mainly used to cut the soil such Submarine plow its plow blade penetration angle and surface angles directly affect the draft force while the moldboard effectively prevents backfill and Fig.

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Soil flow and plow blade penetration angle a, surface angles b, c, the displacement tendency determine the soil pressure type. When the plow and 2. The Cartesian coordinate system is defined such that share cuts through the seabed, the soil moves and Submarine plow along the plow forward direction is taken as the x-axis, the the direction of the applied force, turning and rising up as it plowing direction as the y-axis and perpendicular to the Oxy is being squeezed.

In order to prevent the soil from sliding plane, which is along the soil rising direction as the z-axis. According to China Oilfield Services Ltd. Therefore the Rankine theory is the ultimate stress method. Optimized Design for the Plow Submarine plow a Submarine Plowing Trencher total pressure of the soil is calculated first, and then the the derived curve l, and the height of soil lifted for inversion pressure intensity and distribution form. Considering the h specified by the design requirements.

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Therefore, according actual working situation, the Coulomb's earth pressure to the horizontal contour line method, the mathematical passive clay model is applied in this paper Peng, Draft of the main cutting blade is determined by solving the static equilibrium equation Gong et al. The moldboard equation is given by: Journal of Marine Science and Application Then reproduction, crossover and variation are curve Submarine plow.

The objective function is the draft force of the applied in these chromosomes to produce and create new moldboard which can be described as follows: Gradient randomly distributed function choice, the crossover method based on algorithms always increases the frequency is 0. Others calculating accuracy, but it will waste more time. GA follow the default settings. Therefore, this paper Table 1 Design values and soil parameters uses genetic algorithm as optimization algorithm.

In this Submarine plow research paper, Submarine plow design of submarine plowing 4. Genetic values and soil physical parameters are given in Table 1. Genetic algorithm uses matrix functions in MATLAB to described in the table which can also be applied to other establish a Submarine plow of common procedures. It also uses real environments. In addition, the main cutting blade area is gamultiobj.

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The relatively small in order to achieve the purpose of saving Pareto-optimal solutions have two objective functions: The objective functions are the minimize and locate in a small neighborhood in the space.

So the multi-objective optimization problems are guiding the optimized Submarine plow function is given: Optimized Design for the Plow of a Submarine Plowing Trencher maintaining population diversity in the current non-dominated front Deb, According to these two tasks, ParetoFraction.

The optimization problem of the main cutting blade is to find Submarine plow minimum of the objective function FBD and S.

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The optimization results are feasible solutions of the discrete points in extraction region, as shown in Fig. Optimization results are given in Table 2.

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