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I know, we shouldn't give Kelvin Mackenzie and his antiquated, elitist, racist bullshit worldview the time of day. Throw the reprehensible, lying toilet of a human being on the pile marked 'rent-a-bigots' Cunt lad Nigel Farage, Katie Hopkins and Tommy Robinson and let them work themselves into an alt-right, white English frenzy about people not using the word 'Easter' and other similar Cunt lad.

Mackenzie, the ignorant, bile filled, gammon faced, anti-Liverpudlian fuckwit that he is, not only labelled Barkley as 'thick' but also claimed that any similarly financed lads of the same age from Liverpool could only achieve a great deal of wealth by being drug dealers.

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Mackenzie also compared Cunt lad Everton midfielder to a gorilla, with a picture captioned, 'Could Everton's Ross Barkley represent the missing link between man and beast? Just for the record, that's half Nigerian Ross Barkley, a mixed race human being, being compared to a gorilla.

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Although, that's perhaps not all that surprising, given Mackenzie also printed the poisonous 'Truth' about Hillsborough in A headline that only took him more than Cunt lad decades to apologise for. And I use the word 'apologise' as loosely as humanly fucking possible.

Unsurprisingly, and thankfully, Mackenzie was soon ripped apart by footballers, former footballers and journalists alike. Mackenzie's comments, about a working class lad from Liverpool, and about a large Cunt lad of the city's population in general, only a day before the anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster, should come as no surprise for a man as morally bankrupt and repugnant as he has consistently proved himself to be over the years.

Cunt lad Journalism and Broadcasting in a portakabin on a car park of Salford University for three years. Believes football peaked with Serie A in the '90s and strong-arms pro wrestling references into as many articles as possible.

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Neymar once took 50 euros off me during a game of poker. April 14th 1.

Fri Apr 14 Kelvin MacKenzie Cunt lad today's Sun. Yet another reminder of why his apologies to the people of Liverpool mean nothing pic. Is that TheSun article on Ross Barkley a joke?

Absolutely disgusting what they've done. Kelvin Mackenzie still doing what he does well; being a twat.

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Kelvin Mackenzie writes a nasty, stupid slur about Liverpool again - the day before the anniversary of 96 deaths at Cunt lad. Thankfully the world has changed since Kelvin MacKenzie was an influential journalist.