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About my boyfriend

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By Camille Guthrie. After Rabelais'...

Guys love to hear nice words from their girlfriends, and ladies need to know this. After appreciating the sweet words your boyfriend says to you, also know that it should be reciprocated.

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Most people have this mindset that sweet words are meant for ladies alone, but that is not true, every man has a soft spot and you just have to find out your partners soft spot, and one of the ways to know About my boyfriend is by saying sweet words to him and watch him melt in your arms. Here are some sweet things to say to your boyfriend.

By Camille Guthrie. After Rabelais'...

When I 1st saw you, I was scared to talk to you. When I spoke to you I was scared to hold you.

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When I held you I was scared to love you. Now that I love you I am scared to lose you.

I love being in love with you more than I have enjoyed anything else because I know you are the best there is. The day I met About my boyfriend was the best and I hope what we have will last as long as I live or I cannot imagine the rest. Holding your hand, stealing a kiss, smuggling in a warm hug all these things make my day and it is all because of you my love.

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Each time you say goodbye to go home I feel so alone; the only time I feel complete is when we meet up again. It is silly, but I almost start missing you even when we are together as I fear the moment you will leave.

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Life is short and time passes so fast when I am with you that I think it is becoming even shorter. When I am not with you, each moment of mine is spent longing for the moment I will be with you. You are the lovely surprise that every girl hopes she will get and never does.

I am lucky that I did. You are better than the rose as you have no thorns and kissing you is better than eating candy as you taste About my boyfriend and have no calories.

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I shudder to think that you would not be in my life if I had not come to the park a moment too late. Thank god that I did not and met you!. I did not know what it was like to be in love, like and lust all at the same time until I met you.

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My life is musical, my love is colorful and every day is fruitful… all because of you my love. They say time shrinks when you have a good time and I wish that every minute that I spend with you expands to About my boyfriend and I am sorry it does not. When I met you I knew God had listened to all those prayers that I sent up to him while growing up.

The world would be a better place if all boyfriends were cast in your mold, but then God broke the mold when he made you; you are one of a kind. The way you speak makes want to listen, the way you look makes me want to About my boyfriend and the way you hug makes me so smug. I am glad we met when so young so that I can feel good about knowing that we will get to spend the rest of our lives together. When I look at About my boyfriend I know we were meant to be as each moment I spend with you seems like a dream come true.

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