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This post is also available in: Though neither wrestler self-identifies as gay nor has displayed sexual attraction to the other, their Wrestling gay arc and recent reunification made us want to recount nine other gay wrestling characters in American pro-wrestling.

The Golden Lovers storyline saw the friendly tag-team partners split in Afterwards, Omega became a villain in a group of wrestlers known as The Bullet Club, angrily refusing to discuss Ibushi in interviews.

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When Ibushi tried to reestablish their friendship, his attempts angered another Bullet Club member named Wrestling gay Rhodes. Rhodes eventually attacked Ibushi in the ring, but before he could finish Ibushi off, Omega rushed in and saved his former partner. Finally reunited after four years, the two embraced as celebratory confetti rained upon them.

While not overtly gay, it was still a rare moment of male bonding, vulnerability and intimacy in a sport where machismo and homophobia largely rule the ring. Even Omega says that many wrestling fans have made homophobic comments to him online since reuniting Wrestling gay his partner.