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Author contributions Conception and design: The right femoral vessels of 80 rats were identified and dissected. External lengths and diameters of femoral arteries and femoral veins were measured using either a microscope or a video magnification system. Mean length was Os vasos femorais de 80 ratos foram identificados e dissecados. Anatomic knowledge is extremely important when using animals to reproduce clinical situations for validation of experimental models of diseases and surgical conditions.

Tiny vessels make safe manipulation, adventitia removal, vessel lumen dilation, and final anastomosis difficult. Aila S. Salinas, Renan...

Knowledge of the anatomic features of rat femoral vessels is essential for microsurgery training and research, but there are scant data in the literature on morphometric analysis of rat femoral vessels. However, while microscopes offer excellent resolution, correctly measuring the external morphometric parameters of femoral vessels is very difficult.

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In this scenario, video microsurgery comes into its own because video systems using digital technology, with camcorders to capture images and transmit them in real time to HD TV sets, offer surprisingly high quality, good enough to enable precise and safe manipulation of delicate tissues. To date, video systems have only been used for arterial microanastomosis. It is therefore necessary to describe the anatomic features of rat femoral vessels must to facilitate training using rats and for future studies.

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The animals were randomly assigned to two groups 20 males and 20 females per group: The video camera was set vertically 9.

Two low-intensity halogen light sources were used near to the camera to provide adequate illumination of the surgical field.

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