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Gay 18+ Galleries Two swinging penises in the woods.

Into the Woods 1 Posted: It's "Hello Little Girl".

Go to YT and type in these tags: Into the Woods 2 Posted: Into the Woods 3 Posted: Anyway so I have a fondness for that cast--but I think, if you look at them honestly they're pretty great. The direction was much darker kinda like a bizarre Victorian pantomime from Hell what with the odd set of old drawing room doors, etc and the Wolf costume plays this up.

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I love the OBCR production too of course--and while we might not have had a wolf with smoke from hsi ears the Broadway wolf did have a rather prominent penis apparantly fiary tale wolves are circumcised--I still always marvel at how this detail got into a, quote unquote, family show. Anyway Youtube also has a clip of the two princes from London singing Agony.

Into the Woods 4 Posted: But now it's just stupid.

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Although it's kinda fun to see how bad it is. It looks like something they would use in a theme park show. Into the Woods 5 Posted: I've been watching the clips.

This whole production is terrible. Butters, go buy World of Warcraft, install it on your computer, and join the online sensation before we all murder you.

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I will be played by James Barbour in the upcoming musical, "BroadwayWorld: Into the Woods 6 Posted: I met a few people from the OBC of Into the Woods and always ment to ask them how that "small detail" got into the show. Into the Woods 7 Posted: I guess they shoulda kept the wolf cock I do see why people have toruble sitting thru the cast album if you are especially used to the original.

You win some points tho from me for getting to meet Gleason and Zien I love Zien as the Baker too--though i also love the British Baker so there: Into the Woods 8 Posted: I just love him and his work though. Into the Woods 9 Posted: Into the Woods 10 Posted: Into the Woods 11 Posted: I don't know why.

She reminds me of Moaning Myrtle from the Harry Potter movies and it amuses me. Mart isn't easy Profile Swing joined: Into the Woods 12 Posted: I'll certainly check out the clips, thanks for the heads up.

And Julia McKenzie is, of course, a goddess. Is she a Dame yet, or nothing like it?

Tonight the world is just an address Eastwickian Profile Broadway Legend joined: Into the Woods 13 Posted: As EricMontreal22 says, if you don't get that it's supposed to be a dark and twisted version of a traditional British pantomime, then it'll probably seem weirder than it is.

It was a cracking cast though most people here seem to hate all British casting of Sondheim shows and I'm really quite peeved that although I saw this production when I was younger, I remember absolutly nothing about it whatsoever I mean, it's almost like a hobby over there. When you know I cannot give you words.

Not the ones you need Broadway Shows Broadway Musicals.

Hot Discounts Kiss Me, Kate! Jersey Boys Save on Tix! Watch this clip from the original London cast. It doesn't freak me out, but that wolf head is ridiculous. The London cast divides fans so severely--I got into Sondheim thru ITW when I was 9 or 10 and managed to see the last 20 mins on PBS--at the time it wasn't on video and I remember actually phoning PBS trying to find out when Two swinging penises in the woods re-air it they didn't know --then finding the audio tape of the LONDON cast at my library and literally playing it at least all the way thru everynight as I'd lay in bed that Summer.

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Well, i was watching it in the middle of the night in the dark and I was alone I bought the cast recording on my first trip to NYC as you could imagine, they don't have those kinds of CDs here in Mississippi I don't know what I was really expecting AGain no one else gets the dark take on British pantomime aspect? Oh well -- he is touching and great in Woods E.

I Two swinging penises in the woods know what it is about Zein. Chip was unwatchable and I know I'm not alone in thinking that --hugging the microphone, winking to the audience, sorta talk singing some of the more meaningful words--unbearable But ya I give him credit for some great work. I actually like the London version, and wish I could see more. I kind of like Little Red Ridinghood I've not heard the London recording, I'd better track it down.

Into the Woods 14 Posted: I was never a fan of the OLCR. Just never did it for me. But after viewing this clip, I would have liked to see the whole production. It feels as though it truly were a fairy tale. The wolf's head practically screams just that.

I don't know, but it seems to work when you actually see it as opposed to just listening. Into the Woods 15 Posted: The nest ITW I've seen was a bunch of teenagers at the Edinburgh Festival a couple of years back - they were stunning.

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Into the Woods 16 Posted: I enjoyed those quite a lot. I like the concept. I can see how other concepts might be preferred - but it seems as if this one also works just as well.

For the power of Tragedy, we may be sure, is felt even apart from representation and actors. Besides, the production of spectacular effects depends more on the art of the stage machinist than on that of the poet.

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Into the Woods 17 Posted: The London cast cracks me up!!! The prologue is hilarious, Cinderella and Little Red look crazy. It's a shame there are no videos of the Witch, I'd like to see what they did with her.

Into the Woods 18 Posted: I hate the London cast generally.

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The only reason why I bought it was for Our Little World, which is great. I just say why listen to that when the original is so good. I mean I have an ear I can tell the differences. I actually might like the darker version with a better cast Into the Woods 19 Posted: And looking at the pictures, it's much darker than the OBC.

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Anyway, what more do you want? Imelda IS baker's wife imo! Into the Woods 20 Posted: I'm confused - was ITW not meant to be based on the panto tradition? It sounds like this aspect wasn't brought out until it was produced in London.

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