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Often the product of a single cartoonist, webcomics offer a unique opportunity to showcase the queer community in all its glory. With hundreds of possible comics out there, Romantic gay love tumblr list barely scratches the surface — but in honor of wrapping up Pride Monthhere we present 40 webcomics doing the LGBTA community proud!

Created by Mildred Louis AgentsoftheRealm. A coming-of-age story with magic, gems, and swords, Agents of the Realm stars five women who become super-powered sword-fighters, all while trying to get to college class on time!

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A story about nanobots, genetic engineering, and two girls falling in love and determined to always be human. Created by Melanie Gillman MelanieGillman.

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Charlie is a queer year-old girl who finds herself stranded in an all-white Christian youth backpacking camp. Louis is an eleventh-grader, struggling with his sexuality, when he meets Daniel, and it turns his geeky life upside down.

This is the story of their rivalry… and attraction. Created by Vaziah Breath of Life on Tapas. Created by Amy T.

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Created by Bob Glasscock CaseyatB. Created by Ngozi Ukazu omgCheckPlease. Eric Bittle is in college, gay, and an ice hockey player, having to navigate a crush on Jack, the Team Captain! By Iris Jay CrossedWires. It has always been a goal of mine to create stories that give voices to the voiceless.

Created by Dong Saeng GaysomeComic.

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Created by Savanna Ganucheau George and Johnny on tapas. Two unlikely friends, George and Johnny, hang out and tell bad jokes, go to high school, have sleepovers — and romance. By Danielle Corsetto GirlswithSlingshots.

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An action-adventure modern fantasy story with an entire cast of queer characters, starring a gay trans girl and her weird friends! Being able to make comics with that representation gives me power. And even better, comics made by people like them!

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Long-running comic about a gay, Canadian, bed and breakfast owner and his string of generally hot house guests! A bold satire on the ups and downs of living as a trans person, with takes on transphobia, cissexism, parents, and video games. Anne suffers through an unknown eating disorder and crippling body issues, Gwen walks the fine line between polyamory and lying, and Jane is drowning her sorrows with pounds and pounds of free weights.

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Created by Kath Kirkegaard MerielsLaw. A witch has been suffering through some bad luck for a while.

Enter the book and magazine door-to-door seller who promises to infinitely improve her life by selling her, well, anything really.

Created by Tony Breed MuddlersBeat. A slice-of-life comic strip following a group of friends as they date, find love, and have wacky relationship drama.

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Alastair Sterling was the inventor who sparked the robot revolution. That is, until he wakes up 16 years later in a robot body that matches his old one exactly.

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Created by Tillie Walden OnaSunbeam. Created by Barbara Perez and M. A female knights and girls love comic, the story follows the development of war between two kingdoms through the eyes of an all-female knight order. Created by Valerie Halla PortsideStories.

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Alexandra, who came out as a trans woman four years ago, helps guide Nat as she decides whether or not she is also a trans woman. For that reason, my favorite queer characters were always the ones I stumbled upon unexpectedly, whose Romantic gay love tumblr was incidental to the drama or just mentioned in passing, rather than used as a plot point or a punchline, because I wanted queerness not to be a big deal, just something normal the existence of Romantic gay love tumblr was acknowledged in the world I was being shown.

Amira and Sadie are two very different princesses who decide to take their happily ever after into their own hands. Created by Sam Orchard RoostertailsComic.

Corinth, a young bi woman, was just trying to clean up the beach. She never expected to meet a mermaid and become friends.

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Autobiographical comic that often focuses in on gender dysphoria, transitioning, and all the feelings and fears behind the process. Created by Carlisle Robinson what qq on tapas. Cardigan Weather Created by Amy T. Sharing Twitter 0 Romantic gay love tumblr this article Print this article. romantic gay love tumblr en Mira ahora - Resultados para romantic gay love tumblr Vídeos.

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