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Chip tanner and andrew s plow

Gay Naked Pictures Chip tanner and andrew s plow.

His sparkling personality, outrageous wit and incredible physical skills make him a superstar. Not to mention the fact that he can suck his own dick and contort himself in ways most of us only dream of. His sexy smooth body, through years of gymnastics, is honed to tight muscular perfection.

And when he tosses his legs up over his head and you see that hungry hole staring at you, your mind can only go to one place. Jarrett Rex used him as his own personal fuck toy when they got together, fucking his hot ass while holding his arms like he was a giant Fleshjack. Then Chad Hollon tried out a new position that reminded us of the human wheelbarrow, but in Chip tanner and andrew s plow really dirty way. And at one point he bend over backwards to please Donny Wright and Roman Todd, literally.

He stood on his hands and feet with his belly arched in the air so he could blow Donny while Roman sucked him off. But Chip is anything but a passive bottom. Watch him dive into Porter Wescott's ass in their three way with Nicco Sky and you'll see he loves to give as well as receive. Half the fun of talking with him is that you never know what he'll do or say next. With such an amazing body and untamed sexual energy, Chip Tanner is the perfect boytoy.

Chip tanner and andrew s plow

Chip Tanner gets a first hand look at Hayden Clark's enormous cock. Hayden gives Chip a climax he'll never forget before spraying him nearly head to toe with hot steamy jizz. Chip Tanner seduces buddy Vinny Dias into letting him suck his hard throbbing dick, and Vinny shows his gratitude by giving Chip a nice hot facial.

Chip Tanner flip flop fucks Ryan Rockford and Ryan rims his ass, sucks his dick and gives him a nice thick facial. Jarrett Rex fucks Chip Tanner then shoots a huge load of cum all over his smooth gymnastic body in this wild hardcore video. Andrew Stark shoots a massive load all over Chip Tanner's hot ass after he loosens it up with a big hard sex toy then fucks it like crazy.

Gabriel Cross, Nick Sterling and Chip Tanner star in this super hot threeway, featuring deep kissing, hot rimming and deep throating a big dick. Justin Blakely gets blown by Chip Tanner Chip tanner and andrew s plow returns the favor with a hot rim job and super hot ass fucking. Things get really wild when we match up Eric Pryor's unreal bottoming skills with Chip Tanner's gymnastic prowess as a top.

Chip Tanner and Diego Sans trade blowjobs and shoot hot loads of spunk on each other's smooth chests.

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Chad Hollon calls Chip Tanner over for a booty call so he can dig his face Chip tanner and andrew s plow in his hole and then fuck his brains out. Chip Tanner could not believe how big Hayden Clark's penis was. Before we even started he was like a dog in heat wanting to get at it. But we wouldn't even let him near it until the cameras were running. He just loved getting smacked in the face with it and worshipping every inch of it's enormous girth with his tongue, mouth and throat.

His own uncut cock started peeking out from behind the waistband of his sexy underwear and it wasn't long before he was totally naked and the two of them were doing an over the edge sixty nine.

Check out Chip Tanner And...

Hayden loves to eat ass so he didn't miss the opportunity to take advantage of Chip's gymnastic limberness. He bent the smooth athletic stud in half and went to town on his beautiful hole, alternately burying his tongue in and spitting on it's gaping wonder, teasing it to the point where it was practically screaming to be filled with his massive meat.

Chip Tanner jerking off

Chip went from his soft moanings of 'oh yea' to a fevered panting and squealing as Hayden literally worked him into a frenzy. Chip's climax is one for the record books. I could describe it but you really need to see it to believe it. And after Chip's award winning orgasm Hayden goes to give him a facial but instead showers him with hot steamy jizz nearly from head to toe.

Chip Tanner and Cody Lake couldn't wait to make a hardcore gay porn together.

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Cody is still fairly new to the industry but with his lightly muscular frame and huge dick you can tell that he's going to grow into a huge star. It seemed only natural to put him with someone as wild as Chip Tanner, who's unrestrained public personality outside of Randy Blue, as well as his athletic prowess in our videos, make him one of the most interesting and sexually compelling models we have.

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If you're new to porn and you can hold your own along side Chip Tanner, you can do anything. And Cody does more than hold his own. He swallow's Chip's cock all the way to the base without Chip tanner and andrew s plow an eye. And Chip tanner and andrew s plow his huge cock he gives Chip quite a challenge to do the same.

Chip then fucks Cody's ass, relishing the various expressions that Cody makes as his hole is getting worked over. But the best part of this video comes when the two of them do a super hot 69 and spooge all over each other's faces in a hot double facial finale. Vinny Dias thinks he's going to spend a wild day at the beach with his buddy Chip Tanner, but Chip has other plans.

Chip seduces his friend with the promise of a hot time and once he starts kissing him and working his tongue around his nipple he knows Chip is serious. Vinny loves getting his dick sucked so when Chip works his way down his lightly furry chest, down those rock hard pecs and chiseled abs Vinny closes his eyes in anticipation.

Chip's athletic prowess always makes him a perfect choice for any kind of sexual activity because he can blow a cock, get his ass plowed and fuck a hot hole with such poetic ease of movement, and usually all at the same time.

There's a great moment when Chip is sucking Vinny's hard throbbing cock while jerking his own off and it's almost like the dick in his hand and the one in his mouth are one and the same.

And when Vinny's balls churn out a nice hearty load he dumps it all on Chip's handsome face.

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Chip Tanner and Ryan Rockford talk about their favorite positions while getting ready for their flip scene and just talking about it gets them both so hot. Blond jock stud Ryan had taken a break but he's always a welcome return to Randy Blue.

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And with Chip's smooth muscular jock body all horned up and ready to go it didn't take long until they were both naked and sucking on each other's rock hard cocks. Ryan's tongue could win awards for the skill it has in working a dick into an orgasmic frenzy.

Chip Tanner And Andrew S...

He pulls back the foreskin and engulfs Chip's cockhead just before he takes the entire thing down his throat. He later uses that same famous tongue of his to perfectly rim Chip's asshole, lapping at it with just the right amount of sensual tickle that causes him to cry out for more.

Then his finger makes Chip beg for his larger rock hard cock to plunge deep inside, which Ryan is more than happy to do. Chip shoots a spray of jizz all over his smooth chest. But it just doesn't satisfy, so he has to ram Rockford for all he's worth and when he's through, Ryan shoots a nice thick load all over Chip's face. But not to be outdone, Chip goes for the gold as he works up another load and shoots twice in the Chip tanner and andrew s plow scene.

Jarrett Rex adds an incredible amount of sexy to everything he does. This smooth muscular jock with the wild Hawaiian tattoos has such a hot muscular body and handsome face that anyone would want a good fucking from him. Then we bring in Chip Tanner. When Chip wants it, he gets it and this time he wanted Jarrett's huge cock buried deep in his hungry hole.

He loves big hard muscle and when he saw how hot Jarrett was he couldn't wait to start.

Gay tube porn: Chip Tanner...

Chip has a sexual energy that is red hot and just giving someone a glimpse of his hungry hole can usually drive them into a heated frenzy. And from the way Chip was begging for more cock you know he was really getting into the heavy ass pounding he was getting from Jarrett.

And to show his appreciation, Jarrett shot such a load all over Chip's smooth chest that it almost hit him right in the face. Andrew Chip tanner and andrew s plow, Chip Tanner, and one big ass dildo.

Like we need to go on, but we will. Andrew found out that Chip was working his hole with this huge dildo to get ready for their scene together and he got so hot by the idea that he couldn't resist a little dildo hole action to make sure Chip's gaping manpucker was totally lubed and hungry Chip tanner and andrew s plow his rock hard dripping fuckstick.

Chip, of course, was so hot for the sex toy that he couldn't wait for Andrew to hit him with the real thing. Andrew was so into ramming Chip's hole that when Chip demanded he work his nipples, Andrew was more than happy to grab one of the little nubs and give it a good work over, knowing how wild it drives Chip.

Andrew's rhythmic thumping mixed with Chip's breathy moans is like a hardcore soundtrack to this cum gushing fuckfest. They are ravenously devouring each other every second of this hot as fuck video.

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