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Barrett and jason plow

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To date, he has had 10 Barrett and jason plow since his first professional fight inwith a record of 3 wins and 7 losses. After being threatening, Reid's security went outside to ask him to leave Reid alone, but refused to move. Barrett and jason plow then prompted Reid to walk outside, and ended up with Barrett attacking Reid's security before attempting to go for Alex. After being pulled away from each other, Barrett vowed he would 'follow him everywhere until he signed the contract'.

During the press conference, Barrett apologised for his antics to get the fight with Reid, discouraged anyone from doing them to get their fights, and vowed to knock Reid out.

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At the end of the conference, Dave O'Donnell asked them both to square up for the media shot with their hands up, Barrett put his hands up as Dave requested and Alex refused, instead standing up close to his face, causing Barrett to push him away for being disrespectful. Alex began walking away, but O'Donnell asked Alex to come back, which he did, and both men squared up again, this time both of them put their hands up.

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During the weigh-ins the day prior to the fight, Barrett and jason plow men weighed in at just under the pound mark, being and respectively. For the camera shot of both men squared up to each other, Reid again refused to put his hands up, and this time, it was Alex who took to a dirty antic, kissing Barrett on the lips, which infuriated him and had to be held back by UCMMA officials.

Reid was laughing at his reaction, and vowed he would apologise 'after the fight'.

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