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The roles are swapped for part 2 where Jack shows that he is just as enthusiastic about getting fucked as he is about fucking.

August 25, Views: We're back now Manuel rios gay videos our latest version of the Double Dip set of BelAmi. Before determined to actually give it to him fuck him both at the exact same time both of the younger men take turns.

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Manuel has been one of seasoned and most popular bottoms for quite a long time, so we're getting excited about seeing how he performs here. December 22, Views: It promptly disappears as River and Matthew take turns sucking it and kissing Manuel.

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No one is left out, shifting to Matthew getting rimmed while sucking Manuel, to River getting double-sucked by his buds before he's on his knees sucking cock as Manuel and Matthew kiss. December 27, Views: Manuel sucks his cock and asserts himself verbally and physically by sitting on top of Taylor's torso and feeds him his cock.

Pleased with Taylor's talented and eager sucking, Manuel rios gay videos makes sure to kiss him back passionately while continuing to engulf him and thrusts his cock against him. December 18, Views: Thirteen of our most experienced boys take it upon themselves to instruct newcomer Kevin Warhol.

He was a little bit lost among all of the naked flesh in the beginning and middle of the sexplay. May 20, Views: Passionate kissing leads to Damien enjoying Manuel's body and quickly moving to suck his uncut cock.

However, before Damien gets even one taste, Manuel takes charge by pushing him on his back and sucking HIS cock. This dominance excites Damien even more, his body moving up and down almost uncontrollably November 28, Views: Manuel loves gagging on Theo's enormous cock and does not wait until he is ready to mount and ride it.

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Shortly, they turn flop and hot Manuel is licking toned Theo's buttocks as he prepares to fuck him doggy style. July 31, Views: Visually oriented Manuel Skye would like to gaze in the lean-muscled physical elegance of Peter Pounder, to see him do as he orders, and just to please him.

Muscle guy Manuel only sits back and softly speaks Peter to a slow strip-tease August 7, Views: March 13, Views: Manuel Skye is Manuel rios gay videos undercover as a stripper to inquire unlawful actions — but before heading out on the job he must receive training.

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The men go after Skyy places working Manuel into a horny madness from stretching hamstrings. March 8, Views: Manuel Skye and Liam Emerson love some 1 on 1 time satisfying one another's cocks.

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May 8, Views: February 13, Views: There is no arbitrary choice that brings together Manuel Skye and Taylor Reign. Taylor enjoys seasoned, mature, muscular men who essentially are aware of the things they are doing.

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Plus, in accordance with Taylor, "I declare their penises are larger! April 28, Views: Handsome, toned father figure, Manuel Skye, wakes up to breakfast in bed being served with a trim and enchanting Stig Andersen. It is daddy's day and his boys are observing!

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